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Tallahassee Real Estate

Tallahassee Real Estate

Tallahassee, FL Overview

As the state capital of Florida, Tallahassee boasts a population of over 150,000 residents in the metropolitan area, as well as the surrounding areas of Leon County, FL. Two of Florida's best known universities, Florida State University and Florida A&M make their home in Tallahassee.

Tallahassee has large areas of land set aside for recreational use, and hosts the Red Hills Horse Trials, a combined equestrian event of dressage, cross-country and stadium jumping. This event attracts Olympic-caliber horses. Vibrant parks and gardens are found throughout the city. The Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park, just a few minutes from downtown Tallahassee, is a beautiful ornamental garden with plantings of bald cypress, hickory, and Japanese maple reflected in the waters of Lake Hall.

Tallahassee Weather

Summers in Tallahassee are generally hot and humid, with the sea breeze from the Gulf of Mexico sometimes producing sporadic afternoon thunderstorms. The winters in Tallahassee are cooler than the rest of the state, with evening lows in the 40's and gentle daytime highs in the 60's and 70's.

Frame vernacular, a common architectural style of Tallahassee homes built in the late 1800's, incorporates large, open porches in the building plan to give the residents a cool refuge from the heat. The more upscale Queen Anne homes of the same period use a roofed gallery, the veranda, to provide shade and comfort.

Homes in Tallahassee

Northeast Tallahassee real estate is upscale. Prospective home buyers in the market for prestige, better schools and access to country clubs like the Player's Club at Summerbrooke and the Killearn Country Club should begin their search here. The neighborhoods of Arbor Hills and Eastgate offer townhouse developments for newer buyers.

Middle class homes are the focus of Tallahassee's northwest quarter. The influx of FSU students seeking off-campus housing has kept home prices in these neighborhoods in the reach of buyers looking for a starter home. Some neighborhoods, such as Lakewood Estates, offer the combination of easy access to downtown and upscale living.

Home buyers will find a challenge in the southwest quarter of Tallahassee. Much of the available real estate has been given over to student housing. Although these neighborhoods are a very short commute from Tallahassee Community College, FSU and Florida A&M, buyers who are looking for a home will probably find a better fit in other parts of the city.

Buyers looking for affordable homes for sale in Tallahassee should start their search in the southeast quarter of the city. The Indian Hills Acres neighborhood consists of reasonably priced homes built in the '50's. Further from downtown, Southwood caters to home buyers on the higher end of the market.

The center of Tallahassee is home to many of the historic buildings of the city. The Magnolia Heights Historic District straddles East Park Street and features Colonial Revival buildings as well as historically significant Vernacular homes. To the west, the Park Avenue Historic District showcases a blend of Queen Anne, Renaissance and Colonial Revival buildings tasked for government and domestic use.

For detailed local real estate listings, Homes & Land of Tallahassee recommends contacting a Tallahassee real estate agent.